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A long time ago, under hypnosis, I found out that my big driver in life was 'to make a difference'. It was no surprise then that I drifted into management consultancy as a career and into voluntary services as a passion. I am a member of Swaledale Mountain Rescue Team and until recently I was the Training Officer. I am a qualifed medic and first aid instructor and set up the Community First Responder Team in our village.


I have been Medical Officer for Ripon RUFC and have a keen interest in all things medical, particularly around trauma management. I have always had a passion for the outdoors and mountains in particular and am a qualifed Mountain Leader, which allows me to take groups of people into the mountains of the UK and Ireland. The common theme here is 'making a difference', whether that be enrichening a client's day in the hills, providing CPR to someone who has collapsed, searching at night in the snow for a missing person or managing a dislocated shoulder at rugby.


I feel passionate about making a difference which, in a nutshell, is the purpose of this site.


We're here to make a difference. You and me. So come on in and have a look around.

" I suffered from a fear of escalators for over 50 years after a frightening episode on the London Underground when I was younger. Approaching this moving target of metal always filled me with stomach curdling dread resulting in me taking the stairs or, if I was lucky, the lift if one existed.

I asked David if hypnotherapy might help and after some explanation of the process he took me through a fast phobia cure.  The session took 30 minutes and the very next day we tested the fix at the Metro Centre in Newcastle where my life long fear was cured. A photo taken from the bottom shows me calm and relaxed on what had been a lifelong instrument of torture.

Wish I had spoken to him sooner! "

Testimonial (Approach: Hypnotherapy, Issue: Phobia cure)