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In his book 'The Inner Game of Tennis', W. Timothy Gallwey said that:

Our performance (p) equals our potential (P) minus our interference (I).


He saw that fears, imagination, fantasy and self-doubt get in the way of performance. Yet, underneath all of that, you have the skills and ability to succeed. To realise your potential, you must minimise the interfering thoughts in your mind.


I work with sports men and women and can teach you to use your mind effectively in high stress situations. I will work with you to reduce and to let go any limiting beliefs you may have, therefore decreasing the levels of interference. We will create 'safe states' that allow you to enter the zone, and exit it, as and when you wish and we will anchor these states to words, tunes, scents or smells or patterns - whatever works for you.


This will allow you to:

1.   Get in to the zone quickly and easily.

2.   Get out of the zone easily when required to avoid fatigue

3.   Increase your motivation.


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Our first session will be ‘at the coal face’, whether that is at the tennis court, the first tee, the pool or on the pitch. Telling me all about what you would like to achieve in the environment in which you would like to achieve it, is a very powerful and expressive way of stating your goals. It also gives me an idea of how you are in your environment and the various anchors and triggers that maybe impacting on your performance.


If we agree that your performance could benefit from a series of interventions, we will agree a programme that complements your existing coaching and training regime and which supports the ‘skills’ aspect of your performance.


Interventions are designed around your specific goals and desires – they are unique to you. However we will be exploring the following aspects and how they affect your performance:


Pre Match

·       Understanding and overcoming barriers to development – physical, emotional and mental.

·       Developing your powers of concentration and focus

·       Strategies for dealing with distractive elements

·       Developing the internal dialogue and mind set.



·       Triggering your anchors for top performance

·       Visioning and mental rehearsal

·       Using your internal dialogue to self-coach

·       Entering and leaving ‘the zone’

·       Managing Yips and other impacts


Post Match

·       Managing negative mind-set and its effect on physical performance

·       Goal Setting – Understanding process goals and outcome goals.

·       Yips isn’t confined to golf, it affects any game where an athlete is under pressure to stop and deliver a clean shot.


There is no ‘one size fits all’ programme. Your programme is exactly that: yours.


Frequency of intervention is dependent on the goals you have set but it is common to have more frequent meetings at the start which become less frequent as your goals are being met. Over and above our 1:1 meetings, your support package covers unlimited phone calls and emails too so you are never far away from help.


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