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" Having struggled with my weight for several years, a friend suggested I try hypnotherapy and recommended Davie. I have to say I couldn't be happier with the outcome.

From the minute we met Davie put me at ease and explained each step thoroughly. Being hypnotised was surprisingly relaxing and he helped change the way I think and feel towards food. There have been a few slips but I have always been able to turn to Davie for ongoing support and encouragement. "

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Approach: Hypnotherapy, Issue: Weight Management

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Approach: Stress Busting, Issue: None

" When one day, out of the blue, I decided I wanted to climb a Munro (having never done anything like that before) I knew there was only one person I wanted to accompany me and that was my good friend Davie.


In the weeks before, when the doubts set in, Davie was on hand to encourage me and wouldn't dream of letting me back out. He gave me lots of handy hints and tips, (right down to what kind of socks to buy!)


On the day itself, which had to be the wettest, windiest 'summer's' day we set off to climb Ben Lomond. Davie encouraged me every step of the way, not just on the way up, but all the way down again. He took time to explain about life on the hills/mountains and made me feel very safe throughout, despite everything the weather threw at us. His cheery attitude and 'hello, how's it going?' to everyone that passed meant I met a lot of people that day, many who shared Davie's love of the hills/mountains and some complete novices like myself.


He also had his camera on hand, taking time to capture the memories of 'Sandra's first Munro'.


It goes without saying that thanks to Davie's encouragement and support, before, during and after my climb, it certainly won't be long until I'm asking him to accompany me up my next Munro. "

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" I suffered from a fear of escalators for over 50 years after a frightening episode on the London Underground when I was younger. Approaching this moving target of metal always filled me with stomach curdling dread resulting in me taking the stairs or, if I was lucky, the lift if one existed.


I asked David if hypnotherapy might help and after some explanation of the process he took me through a fast phobia cure.  The session took 30 minutes and the very next day we tested the fix at the Metro Centre in Newcastle where my life long fear was cured. The photo I have shows me calm and relaxed on what had been a lifelong instrument of torture.


Wish I had spoken to him sooner! "

Approach: Hypnotherapy, Issue: Phobia Cure