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It's nice to be happy. We would all like to be happier. So why do we let this important facet of our lives fend for itself? It is a known fact that the happier we are the more healthy we are both physically and mentally and that our energy levels feed from this.

It has also been proven that we need to work doubly hard at being happy, as the world around us seems to thrive on negativity and bad news. In my happiness workshops we'll have a look at some of the factors influencing your levels of happiness that you can control to some extent. I will work with you to develop strategies and a mind set that allows you to make time to be happy in your daily routine.


We will explore the following areas:


The Past

  • Identifying limiting beliefs

  • Fears and paradigms

  • Letting go


The Now

  • Choosing to be Happy

  • Positivity Anchoring

  • Situational Reframing


The Future

  • Using Timelines

  • Developing self belief

  • Future Pacing

  • Positive Mind Body Linking


Happiness workshops can be indoors, outdoors or a mixture of both if the mood of the group so determines.

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Need to stop the noise? Too busy running alongside the bike to actually get on it? We all need a little bit of pressure in our lives, to help us get things done, to give us a sense of importance around events and to allow us to value the things we do.

But when pressure becomes too much, when time is never in abundance, when fear creeps into the equation and we get stressed, then it’s time to break state and develop a fresh perspective. No one needs an abundance of stress. No one.


There are a number of ways of combating stress and I prefer the natural ways over prescribed. Fresh air, exercise, a change of environment, some good company and the injection of breathing space works wonders on the stressed mind. And so I draw from an old latin phrase to encapsulate how I work with you to reverse the stress cycle.


‘Solvitur Ambulando’ or loosely translated: 'it is solved by walking'.

I have always been a walker and love spending time in the hills, forests or dales. Either alone, with friends or my border collie, I love the peace that comes with a good walk.


Throw in some great scenery, a bit of local history or some wildlife and the total chill out experience is complete.

But how often do we take time out to do just this? Sometimes when you've had a long hard day at work, or a bit of bad news, or even just find yourself in a bad mood, the last thing on your mind is to put on your jacket and shoes and get yourself away for a while.


These are precisely the times when getting some fresh air and gentle exercise can work wonders. The mind finds it difficult to dwell on problems and issues when you are flooding it with sensory inputs that are positive and the subsequent endorphin release makes you feel good and clears your head.

I use these walks to help you de-stress, to align your thoughts and to unstick your thinking. Taking you out of the normal environment breaks the negative anchors that can exist in the workplace, the playing field or the home and gives you the boost you need to get through a negative patch.


On your walk we will talk about mindfulness, positivity and how to extract the very best feelings and emotions from new experiences. We will work together to create powerful anchors that access relaxed and calming states that you can take back into your day to day life and which can be triggered as and when required. These will transport you from negative situations into more positive and supportive mind sets.


We will look at breathing techniques that will allow you to de stress and develop simple strategies that allow you to recognise the onset of stress or panic and take the necessary action to avert or reduce.


My walks cater for all levels of ability, from gentle coastal, moor, dales or forest walks to more adventurous days out in the mountains.


I'm a qualified Mountain Leader and can provide walks anywhere in the UK and Ireland.


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Confidence: everyone has it except us. Right?



A lot of the time we just lack the little something that can get us started in the ‘looking confident’ stakes.


It usually doesn’t take much to kick start you journey to feeling more confident in and of yourself and when engaging with others.


Our workshops address the following:

  • Confidence – what it is and what it’s not

  • Self-limiting beliefs and stinky thinking and how these hold you back

  • Body language and the links to your feelings and emotions

  • Practical, simple to use strategies to boost your confidence

  • Feeling more confident allows you to access your potential in many more ways as you develop understanding and trust yourself more.  You will leave with strategies that will make you feel more enthusiastic and positive about life.